Motorhome Hire Germany

Motorhome Hire GermanyMotorhome Hire Germany

Germany offers a diversity of attractions for the motorhome traveller. Drive down to some of the numerous wine and beer festivals or visit some of the historic castles and palaces found all over the country. You can take in some wonderfully preserved medieval towns or motorhome down to a wide choice of vibrant modern cities offering great cultural entertainment.

With an incomparable natural landscape, ranging from high Alps to dramatic gorges, huge silent forests and rugged coastline, Germany is great fun to explore. The road infrastructure in Germany is second to none in Europe and makes touring the country easy and pleasant.

Wine and beer festivals take place all over the country from spring through to autumn: a perfect choice for an Easter getaway or a motorhome trip in the Autumn half-term holidays. Many wine festivals take place in the region of the Rhine and Moselle, where every town has its traditional annual festival.

If you are a motorhome user interested in art, then Berlin is the natural destination for you. Germany’s capital city is important in terms of its performing arts, museums and collections and will not disappoint.

However, if you wish to experience something less mainstream, cities such as Munich, Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Cologne offer an extensive cultural programme.

The Wagner festival, held annually at Bayreuth is an exciting option for the more cultural motorhome user.

Germany is proud of its cultural heritage and makes a great destination for a cultural motorhome trip.
Tour the famous heritage sites of Bamberg, Goslar and Lübeck which all enjoy UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Other sites of historical interest include Heidelberg, Passau, Regensburg, Aachen, Bremen, Trier, Hamelin and Coburg all perfect for motorhome trips.

Germany is famous for its castles and no motorhome holiday in the country would be complete without at least one of the several hundred available. German castles are as different as they are varied. From the fairytale castle built by King Ludwig II to the infamous Colditz Castle, used as a prisoner of war camp during WWII.

Drive your motorhome through ancient forests and woods while enjoying the imposing backdrop that Germany’s castles create.You can trek up snow covered mountains. With jousting, feast, banquets, concerts and theatre performances a day out at a castle has so much to offer for a motorhome holidaymaker looking for a cultural trip.

Motorhome Hire Germany
In terms of natural beauty,Germany excels in offering motorhome users a variety of different landscapes and truly breath-taking scenery. Travel to the Rhine valley to take in one of Europe’s most famous rivers or visit the Moselle valleys. Bavarian Alps and lake-lands offer dramatic views while the Baltic coast is a great place to relax. In a motorhome you can take in a variety of locations in a single trip.

Drive your motorhome to the Harz Mountains, Lake Constance, Saxon Switzerland, the Black Forest, the Bavarian Forest and the volcanic Eifel region at your own pace stopping when you wish to truly appreciate all the regions of Germany at their best. Motorhome Hire Germany is a holiday to remember!

UK Mototorhome Hire

Motorhome Hire IrelandMotorhome Hire UK

Motorhome hire is the perfect way to enjoy a holiday in the United Kingdom. The scenery of the UK is ideal for touring using a hired motorhome. The UK has an excellent road structure and the magnificent countryside is best explored at your own pace. Drive around the UK coastline in a hired motorhome and you will truly appreciate the beauty of Britain in a way you never have before.  Watch the coastline changing as you drive along the amazing coastal roads of the UK.  From the chalky cliffs of Dover to the rocky shoreline of the North West, the UK is a varied and spectacular holiday destination.

If you have a lot of time on your hands or are just looking for an adventure drive a motorhome across the UK, from coast to coast. From Land’s End in Cornwall to John O’ Groats in the far north of Scotland, a hired motorhome can get you where you want to go in comfort and style. In a motorhome you can take as long as you want to complete your journey. Park your motorhome along the way and stop as many times as you want to enjoy the UK at its best.

If you choose a motorhome holiday in the UK you will not need to spend any money on expensive flights or ferries. This means you will be able to afford to extend your holiday and take a real break. What’s better is that a motorhome holiday in the UK will give you a chance to really get to know the wonderful country that is Britain.

The windy moors of Scotland are a great place to enjoy a motorhome holiday in the UK. Get close to nature and experience the rugged isolation and freedom of the Scottish Highlands in the warm comfort of a motorhome. Then move on and take your hired motorhome south through the UK to drive around the incredible scenery of the Lake District. See the Lakes in all their glory by parking your motorhome right at the centre of all the action. Then watch the sun rise and set across the mountains from the comfort of your motorhome bed.

Travel to Wales in the west of the UK and see for yourself the rolling green vales from the convenience of your motorhome. Or if you are seeking warmer climes, hire a motorhome in Cornwall and indulge in some water sports in the sunniest county in the UK.  Kent, the Garden of England, can be explored at your leisure in a hired motorhome. In fact any area of the UK is well suited to motorhome hire and there are many places around the country from where motorhomes can easily be hired.

Motorhome Hire UK
Choose from thousands of campsites and enjoy some of the best facilities in the world with motorhome hire in the UK. Britain has so many wonderful places for you to visit and a motorhome is the perfect way to do this. Rugged and rolling, windy and sunny, the UK has an incredibly varied climate and landscape both of which can be experienced at their best on a motorhome holiday.