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Motorhome Hire Namibia AfricaMotorhomes for Hire Namibia

The landscape of Namibia is incredible and offers motorhome hire tourists an amazing vacation, whether you are looking for relaxation or activity.

Visit the Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, located at the geographical centre of the country, and experience the wonderful mix of cultures that blend German colonization with traditional African dress. Windhoek can be a great starting out point for motorhome users in the country as well as being well worth a visit in its own right.

Then drive your motorhome at your own leisure towards the grassy plains and hilly Mopane woodlands of Etosha National Park. Elephants, giraffes, rhinos and lions converge to drink at the park’s waterholes, making Etosha one of Africa’s best game reserves to spot something exciting. Good roads, signposts and plenty of lookouts make Etosha perfect for a self-drive tour and well-suited to motorhome travel.

Another of Namibia’s spectacular attractions is Sossusvlei where you’ll find the highest sand dunes in the world. Part of the Namib Desert, the dunes are continuously reshaped by the wind forming patterns in beautiful orange hues that contrast with the dazzling white surface of the large deflationary clay pans at their bases. Hire a motorhome and drive into the area, then climb up the dunes to take in breath-taking views. Travellers can see in the distance Deadvlei, an expanse of dried white clay revealing skeletons of ancient Camelthorn trees. With a motorhome hire Namibia you can park close to the action and take in the incredible spectacle of sunrise and sunset across the dunes.

Extend your trip and travel to the city of Swakopmund to escape the heat. Palm-lined streets, seaside promenades, restaurants, cafes, art galleries and museums await the motorhome traveller who seeks relaxation. While the desert surrounding Swakopmund offers excitement in the form of quad-biking, sand-boarding, sand-skiing and parasailing. Or, at Walvis Bay, visitors can join a dolphin cruise or explore the lagoon on a kayak tour.

The arid and beautiful landscape of Damaraland and Kaokoveld offer a very different side of Africa for the more adventurous motorhome hire traveller. Attractions include Burnt Mountain, the Petrified Forest, and the Skeleton Coast. Occupying a huge, harsh stretch of landscape to the northwest of the country, Damaraland and Kaokoveld can make for an unforgettable motorhome journey.

Another unmissable site in Namibia is the Fish River Canyon, the second largest natural gorge in the world and the largest in Africa. Set in a harsh, stony plain the canyon is the kind of spectacular natural phenomenon for which motorhome holidays were made. A great hiking destination, the Fish River Canyon has wonderful trails for those who wish to make their motorhome holiday an active one.

If you are seeking contrast Caprivi is the wettest region of Namibia and consists mostly of extensive wetlands, floodplains, woodlands and rivers, like the Okavango and Zambezi where the adventurous motorhome traveller can hope to see a wide variety of animal and bird species. Spectacular herds of elephant, buffalo, red lechwe and reedbuck are among the highlights as well as families of hippopotamus demonstrating again the wide variety of experiences offered to motorhome travellers in the spectacular country of Namibia.





Motorhome Hire Africa

Motorhome Hire AfricaMotorhomes for Hire in Africa

Motorhomes can be hired throughout Africa and can be a great way to experience this incredible continent. In fact, there is no better way to fully appreciate the diverse cultures and awe-inspiring scenery that Africa has to offer than to take an overland trip in a hired motorhome.

From Egypt and Morocco in the north, to the southern tip of South Africa, Africa is a continent of constant change and excitement.

If you hire a motorhome there is never a limit on what you can do. Take your motorhome on Safari in Kenya and see elephants, lions and hippopotamuses in their natural habitat. Experience the thrill of an explorer as you drive your motorhome across the magnificent landscapes that the African bush has to offer.

Visit Tanzania and bask in glorious sunshine while you enjoy the beaches of this East African country. A hired motorhome can be the perfect way to explore the golden coast area. Park-up in coast-side campsites and enjoy the sea air and magic of the stars uninterrupted by the glare of city lights. Kick back and relax by some wonderful secluded beaches or travel to the lively resorts of Zanzibaror Pangani for some sociable sunbathing.

Throughout Africa there are numerous national parks which allow travellers to explore the natural beauty of this amazing continent. In Uganda a motorhome could transport you to Mgahinga National Park: the smallest in the country and the habitat of mountain gorillas. Use your motorhome as a flexible and convenient transport option to bring you to the area where visitors can observe man’s closest animal relation interacting with its natural environment. Drive your motorhome into the beautiful wilderness and then climb the mountains of Uganda, appreciating as you go the incredible lushness of the surrounding forest.

See the incredible underground churches and remains of ancient civilization that Ethiopia has to offer from the comfort of a hired motorhome. Travel from the mountainous north to the low deserts of the south observing the dramatic changes in terrain from the comfort of your motorhome. Motorhome hire in Africa allows the traveller to connect with the landscape and appreciate its beauty. Compared to taking flights between attractions, a motorhome offers the opportunity to observe transitions in the landscape.

Motorhome Hire Africa
In South Africa, stop off in sunny Cape Town to drink in the vibrant nightlife of the city before driving your motorhome deep into the vineyards and wine growing country of the area. Relax and sample some of the countries internationally renowned wines without worrying too much about budget – a motorhome is a cheap method of travel which will allow the user to save their travel money for what counts. Alternatively, if you are seeking adventure, use your motorhome as a jumping off point for an African activity holiday. Africa offers an opportunity for travellers to try almost any extreme sport so get your adrenaline pumping with activities from abseiling to paragliding and from caving to horse-riding.

Motorhome Hire Africa will allow you to really connect with the land through which you travel. The vast expanse of Africa can only truly be appreciated from the open road.