Motorhome Hire South Africa

Motorhome Hire South AfricaMotorhomes for Hire South Africa

Go exploring and discover what motorhome hire in South Africa has to offer. Campervans are widely available in South Africa and can be hired anywhere from Cape Town to Johannesburg, Durban to Port Elizabeth. With its game parks, scenic coastal routes and well maintained roads, South Africa is perfect for a motorhome holiday.

Free yourself from rigid itineraries and experience the beauty and splendour the landscape with a sense of freedom that only a motorhome can offer.

Motorhome holidays are ideal way to really get to know the country as there are campsites situated in some of the most beautiful locations in South Africa. In a motorhome you will get a chance to visit areas that are not normally seen by visitors who are not driving in a motorhome.

If you are a city lover then drive your motorhome to the vibrant and dynamic Johannesburg with its throbbing nightlife and exciting vibe.

Alternatively head down to the happening beach front at Durban and enjoy the incredible sea and sand. South Africa is a great place for a beach-based motorhome holiday: twenty-seven South African beaches have been awarded international Blue Flag status for 2010/11.

If you are looking for a more relaxed motorhome experience, avoid the crowds and head up the west coast towards Namibia. Here you will find spectacular seascapes which can be enjoyed from a motorhome. The stunning wind-lashed scenery of the coast may at times look dry and barren. But in spring the region’s wild flowers transform the area into a magic carpet of colour through which you can drive.  Places to visit include Eland’s Bay, Paternoster, Lambert’s Bay and Yzerfontein, all of which can be reached easily by road.

A place for the more adventurous motorhome traveller to visit is the Wild Coast – one of South Africa’s most remote stretches of shoreline. Stretching from East London in the Eastern Cape all the way north to Port Edward and the southern border of KwaZulu-Natal, the region is home to some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the world and quiet nature of the region lends itself easily to campervan travel.

South Africa is one of the top surfing countries in the world, known for consistent high-quality surf. Motorhomes can be hired to bring participants closer to their sport in a cost effective and flexible manner. There is also an opportunity to take part in great sailing, sea kayaking and surf-skiing with some of the best wind and kite surfing in the world, South Africa is an incredibly exciting place to be! Try an abseiling and canoeing trip on the Storms River Gorge. Motorhome travel in South Africa can be an exhilarating experience. South Africa is blessed with fantastic rivers, beautiful scenery, and a climate made for the outdoors enthusiast, so if you’re looking for action it’s the perfect destination. There is something for everyone with mountain biking, rock-climbing, horseback safaris and skydiving.

An alternative side to South Africa can be seen in the amazing wine lands of the Western Cape. Take a trip in your hired motorhome to the historic Simonsig, the scenic Rustenberg, and the red wine specialists of Kanonkop. Motorhomes can take you wherever you want to go. Move on or stay longer – with motorhome hire, it’s up to you.