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Motorhome Hire AsiaMotorhomes for Hire in Asia

Asia is a continent overflowing with culture, tradition, food and contrasts, perfect for motorhome hire. There are a great many motorhome opportunities with so much to see and do it is difficult for travellers to know where to start or end their trip.

Although few traditional campsites are to be found on the continent endless beaches, mountains and other landscapes wait to be explored.  And motorhome hire is an ideal way to escape the bustle of other tourists and enjoy the landscape in peace and tranquillity.

The largest continent on Earth, consisting of 44 countries and numerous islands, Asia stretches from the north of Russia to the hot jungle islands of Malaysia. Offering a multitude of things to see and do a motorhome traveller will never be bored on this magnificent continent. From the enchanting beauty and history of India to the technological advanced façade of Tokyo, Asia cannot fail to impress any motorhome holidaymaker. Driving at your own pace, see the magnificent mosques and venerable museums of Istanbul steeped in culture and tradition. Or travel through the vast expanse of Eastern Turkey to the evergreen forests on Turkey’s eastern Black Sea coast where you can relax with both spa resorts and mud baths.

The rugged mountain scenery of Bhutan and Nepal, with their spectacular Buddhist temples decorated with colourful folk paintings, offer an impressive sight for motorhome travellers adventurous enough to brave the high mountain roads.  Stark and beautiful, if you are hoping to get away from the crowds then this part of Asia may be for you.

In South East Asia visit Honk Kong and see Repulse Bay, Victoria Peak and the Giant Buddha or take your motorhome to Singapore and wonder at its wildlife, serene beaches, theme parks, and lively nightlife.

Travel around the Middle East in a motorhome and see the hills of Syria covered in spring wildflowers or Petra, the wonder of Jordon, with its red rock caves, relics of an ancient civilisation. See the Dead Sea and float in the salt rich waters. Then travel to the incredible contrast of Abu Dhabi and see man-made wonders at their most impressive in the architecture of this futuristic city.

Asia also encompasses the vast country of China. Imagine following the length of the Great Wall of China in a hired motorhome, and seeing the only man-made structure visible from space from the comfort of your own mobile accommodation.

Drive your motorhome to Cambodia and hike through Kirirom National Park, taking in the waterfalls and wildlife along the way, leading you to the incredible jungle temples of the area.  Shrouded in dense jungle the UNESCO World Heritage temple of Ta Prohm conjures a romantic aura and demonstrates ancient civilization at its most dazzling.

If wildlife is what you are after Asia has so much to offer for the motorhome holidaymaker. Ride an elephant in Thailand and make friends with monkeys in India, trek with camels through Lebanon or visit the giant pandas of China in their natural habitat. With motorhome hire, it’s all at your doorstep.

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