Motorhome Hire Poland

Motorhome Hire PolandMotorhome Hire Poland

The landscape of Poland is lush and varied, from the Carpathian and Sudety Mountains stretching across the south, to the central Lowlands and uplands and the northern regions of Pomeranian and Masurian Lakelands. Wherever you go the landscape is constantly changing, making it ideal for a motorhome trip.

In the very north motorhome travellers will find the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea coast, popular with holiday makers in search of isolated stretches of beach. If you are planning a motorhome holiday packed with culture then you will not be disappointed by the numerous museums and historical sites the country has to offer.  From the country’s first museum in Pu?awy, to the historic city of Krakow there is plenty to see and do. Park up your motorhome and take a ride around the cobble streets in a horse-drawn cart before exploring the amber markets and cafés of this beautiful city. Poland is a country that knows how to party, with a wide range of clubs and bars in almost every town. Take for example the Raclawickie Forts, or the back courtyard at Dobra Street in Warsaw. In Wroclaw in the Niepolda Passage there are over 13 clubs, where the livelier motorhome holidaymaker can really let their hair down.

But the main reason most motorhome travellers come to Poland is the unspoilt countryside and outdoor pursuits. Try your hand at bungee jumping, paintballing or rockclimbing and take home memories that you will never forget.

For those motorhome users who wish to kayak, Poland is a dream come true. Deep river-beds and wonderful, twisting lakes litter the landscape, offering something for all levels of skill. The more adventurous can take a trip down the water labyrinths of Narwia and Biebrza, while the more relaxed can explore the gentle Radunia lakes.

Motorhome Hire Poland
With about 150 kayaking routes and 10,000 paddle-friendly lakes, there is nowhere in Europe that adventurous motorhome users will find such a dense network of waterways. Kayakers looking for that special, intense experience should go down one of the three true Mountain rivers, best suited for kayaking. For example the Bia?ka running through Tatry and Podhale – horrifyingly cold, rushing, foamy and strewn with granite rocks. The Week of Wild Waters on the Dunajec and the PopradRivers in June is a mountain kayaking moment not to be missed.

If you are seeking alternative water activities, you can join rafting trips on the Odra all the way to Szczecin although you will then have to work out how to get back to your motorhome!

Fishing is another activity that ties in well to a motorhome holiday in Poland. With rivers and lakes galore, fishermen come from around the world to fish pike and carp in the Mazurian lakes.

In terms of getting your motorhome from A to B, the condition of Polish roads is relatively good although not particularly high for Europe. However road surfaces are improving every month and roads are useable so don’t let their quality put you off motorhoming in this fascinating country. Motorhome Hire Poland



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